Lawrence Johnson, MD

October 1st, 2015
“I have seen Dr. Johnson, twice, for two different issues. I saw him, for a lower back muscle strain, and today, to check up on knee issues. Across the board, he is an Outstanding doctor. Both visits required x-rays, and the doctor showed me the results, promptly, and discussed the implications, and he provided take home exercises to improve the conditions, in each instance. He has fabulous Bedside Manner, is patient with questions, and listens to the patient’s concerns. In both cases, no follow ups were required, but were offered, if the situation warranted. Wonderful Doctor! His support team is nice and helpful. All around, the experience is very professional, and very satisfying, from this Health Consumer’s perspective.”

September 5th, 2014
“I took my 88-year-old father to see Dr. Johnson to have a Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty procedure done for his fractured lower back. My father was in excruciating pain shooting down to both legs after a seizure episode. My father thought that he won’t be able to stand or walk again without being in pain and was feeling imbalanced, but after this procedure, the pain went away completely without having to take any painkiller medicine and my father said it felt like a miracle. Thanks to Dr. Johnson for helping improve the quality of life for my father. He’s very happy and satisfied under Dr. Johnson’s care. We appreciate his help and services very much and would recommend him to our friends and family needing any orthopedic services.”

July 15th, 2014
“Everything I asked for I got.. and quickly. Information, dignity, respect.. and healing. After years of hip pain, I went to get a cortisone shot. Learned I had no cartilage. Got a new hip 2 1/2 weeks later. Asked to ‘see what was going on in there’. 20 minutes later, my hip X-ray was on the wall and I could “see the problem”. (It’s good to have xray room across the hall). Asked for no staples: got no staples. Even got a silver bandage (dressing) that prevented infection without needing to be changed. I’m back to functional and keep forgetting I have a new hip. I’m very grateful. All this, and Dr. Johnson is friendly and pleasant too.. a quality rare for gifted surgeons.”

May 8th, 2013
“The entire office was very polite and professional. Dr Johnson was very attentive and a good listener. His positive attitude encouraged me toward a very quick recovery of my broken bone, and I was back on my feet in record time. Very happy that I was referred to his office by Lowell General. I will be back if necessary. The only aspect I didn’t like was that when I was on crutches, all the handicapped parking spots were taken, and I had to park in the garage which was a hike. I should have had some one drive me so that I could have gotten dropped off. This is not the doctor’s fault, but wanted to mention it for those independent people out there like me.”

Kevin Malone, DO

Lowell, MA | Feb 09, 2017
“Terrific bedside manner. Gentle and understanding. Very little wait time in the waiting room. Had a total knee replacement and am very happy with the outcome.”

June 4th, 2013
“I am an avid runner. During my marathon training, I experienced knee pain that halted my running. I sought treatment with Dr Malone and it was the best decision I could have ever made. He took a lot of time explaining what the issues were and how to make it better. He took a conservative root, which I appreciated very much because surgery would have meant no marathon. I followed his advice and on 4/16/12, I completed my first Boston Marathon!! He is kind and has a great bedside manner. I was very anxious and he recognized that and took the time to make me feel comfortable. I have recommended Dr Malone to whomever is seeking orthopedic care.”

June 4th, 2013
“Dr Malone is a wonderful doctor. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to about my pain. I was very anxious and he put my mind at ease with care and a little humor. It made me feel better seeing a doctor that took the time to listen and treat me without rushing me out the door. I would highly recommend Dr Malone.”

April 25th, 2008
“Dr Malone is extremely skilled at what he does, very understanding and nice. After breaking my leg at the shin completely, I am running in 10 months at 32 years of age and am eternally grateful. He is very sensible and knowledgeable, calm and humorous. His staff are extremely conscientious and very friendly.”

Peter Roman, MD

West Palm Beach, FL | Feb 18, 2017
“My son needed surgery on collar bone. He was staying in the area for Hockey, originally from Florida. Dr. Roman, was just awesome, spoke to us over the phone explaining the procedure, got my son in for surgery less than 48 hours. He has great bed side manner. Highly recommend him.”

Ed S in Tyngsboro, MA | Nov 24, 2016
“Dr. Roman performed my knee replacement surgery . I found him to be thorough and explained the procedure and what to expect. I find Dr. Roman to be no nonsense, he get right to the point, and knows what is the best way to proceed for the best outcome. Outstanding orthopedic surgeon.”

July 9th, 2015
“Dr. Roman saved me a future of multiple surgeries. If your looking for a Boston surgeon, rest assured he is at that caliber if not above! I was looking at multiple skin grafts to close my wound and Dr. Roman being the second surgeon to come in on my case informed me he could take out my spacer in my knee insert a smaller one and close the wound. He did just that. He takes the time to answer all my questions, no matter how stupid they may seem. And he surrounds himself with a great staff and an incredible nurse (Patty) that goes through hoops to help me! I would take my own children there without blinking an eye!”

July 2nd, 2015
“Dr Roman had been my Orthopedic Dr for many years, most recently performing surgury by reattching my left tricep ligament back onto to my elbow. The whole experience, from pre-op to post op, was nothing short of outstanding. Not only is he a great and well respected surgeon, he’s also a great human being who put his patients first.”

Kevin Tomany, MD

July 11th, 2016
“Dr. Tomany is excellent. He always takes the time to explain fully what the problem is and how to work to repair it. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon. He is compassionate, caring and highly skilled. He is the only surgeon that I request for help.”

November 18th, 2015
“I will never see another hand orthopedic again, he is the best of the best, the needle in the hay stack, he is magical and a very gifted doctor!”

September 11th, 2014
“My doctor called Dr. Tomany directly for emergency surgery on something very rare and slightly high risk in my case. He performed the surgery less than 12 hours after the initial phone call. I was extremely scared. I was so surprised at how educated he was on my condition when most other doctors have never even heard of it. Not only did he make me feel at ease, I had fun! He’s so kind and caring and knowledgeable, yes, his wait time for check up visits were long but the time you get with him is of quality. I would absolutely recommend him and his staff. And i won’t go to anyone other than him for my orthopedic needs.”

October 31st, 2012
“First met Dr. Tomany when I needed hand surgery (about 10 years ago). I had a “SLAC” wrist (Scapholunate Advanced Collapse) which was the result of a non-diagnosed break 30 years prior. Everything he did was excellent. Have been back for knees and shoulders … given the option for no surgery, which I took … and never regretted. Have taken my daughter and son there on multiple occasions. Make morning appointments because he tends to “back up” as the day goes on … he spends as much time as needed with each person. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tomany.”

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